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Description: Create a Prezi sideshow that shows how Prezi can be a good option for an informational presentation.


Prezi Sketch
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I first made a list of different ideas for my Prezi. I thought about sharing a recipe, or a list of crafts to make with washi tape. I finally decided on treats to eat in Portland, Oregon (since we live just about 20 minutes away from the city.) I found the shops and treats I wanted to feature and saved images and links to bright and colorful pictures that showcased each food. I created all my slides in InDesign, first making a template that had an image at the top, the name of the treat overlapping the image, and a block of text underneath.

I used ultra and bold fonts to create hierarchy on each slide. I wanted the name of the treat to be the first focus, then the name of the restaurant, and finally the block of text with information. I centered the text of the treat name and increased the kearning since I used all caps. Then the rest of the text on each slide is left aligned with the image.
Message: This Prezi gives Portland locals and visitors alike the motivation to go try a new treat or two.

Audience: My instructor and anyone interested in finding some tasty treats in the city of Portland.

Critique Report: The feedback from my instructor was that I had good, bright photos and good alignment. She recommended adding some color and fun to the presentation though, especially the typography, to match my fun topic. I re-worded the title from “9 Best Treats to eat in Portland, Oregon,” which was kind of long and boring, to just “TREATS” in a multicolored, handwritten font. This was much more eye-catching than what I had before. I also swapped the light gray bar behind each treat title with a colored one, which helped emphasize the colors in each of my photos.

I also did a Facebook chat with Marina and Sydney. I helped Marina with some grammar and punctuation and told her I really liked the balloon background picture she used. It fit the theme and wasn’t distracting. I noticed she also stayed very consistent in her image shape and placement.

With Sydney we talked about different options for her title placement, and finally decided that centered was best. All her slides lined up nicely and I recommended that her source slide have equal spacing on the top and bottom of the text.

The feedback I got back was positive, and they helped me identify my main color scheme, since I had a bit of almost every color through the presentation.

Top Things Learned: I learned how to make my first Prezi. Two of my kids have actually been introduced to Prezi at school and have made their own presentations, but this was the first time I had used it. I learned more about working in InDesign, and realized I should have created a master page while working on the slides. Instead I made duplicate pages though, and that worked as well. I learned that even when working in a fun and creative program like Prezi, it’s important to remember to make solid design choices and not get carried away with all the options available. On the flip side, I also learned that I should add some color and interest to my typography and didn’t have to keep everything black and white.

Color scheme and color names: Triadic color scheme with red, yellow and blue.

Title Font Name & Category: Rock Salt – Script
Copy Font Name & Category: Legacy Sans – Sans serif
Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:

waffle window voodoo donuts Silver Moon Crepes salt and straw portland skyline Papa Hadyn Moonstruck

homemade fresh cinnamon buns - sweet food
Farina Macaron Cupcake Jones

Source of each image (website name and hyper link):

Salt and Straw:

Waffle Window:

Farina Bakery:

VooDoo Donuts:

Cupcake Jones:


Silver Moon Crepes:

Papa Haydn:

Kens Artisan

Portland Skyline By Cacophony – Own work, GFDL,



2 thoughts on “Treats Prezi

  1. Stephanie,

    Very cute presentation. Anything about food, especially dessert, has my vote. I love the typeface you chose for your title, and how beautifully its colors tied into your pictures. Your pictures are wonderful and vibrant, and definitely engage your audience. It has been about 15 years since I have been to portland, but it reminded me what a cool city it is. Nice job!



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