Photography Activity

Light 1: Outside
Light 2: Inside
Focus 1: Foreground

Focus 2: Background

Composition 1: Thirds

Composition 2: Lead in

For the Light pictures I took a picture of the front of my house with the sky above. I held the shutter button half way on the sky first, then brought the camera down to include the house and pressed it all the way to take the picture. For the inside picture I put the plant near a window and made sure to not center it. For the Focus pictures I found a dandelion in the backyard and changed the focus to macro to get the foreground in focus and make the background blurry. For the focused background, I changed the camera to the manual focus setting and adjusted it until the background was in focus. For the Composition pictures I set up a box of flowers with some colored tape to be at about the third lines in the image. For lead in I had my son look towards the window and cropped the picture to put him in the left third of the picture.

I did some basic editing to make all the photos look a little better. They were each adjusted for exposure with levels, increased in vibrance just a little, added a bit of selective color. Some were sharpened if needed, but it was hard to tell if it was making much of a difference.


2 thoughts on “Photography Activity

  1. I love your photos, especially the foreground and background ones. I tried to do that and I just couldn’t get it to work with a plant. Also, your lead in photo subject looks like he’s ready for Christmas!


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