hope 3

Description: Take an original picture, edit in Photoshop, and use the color scheme to add design elements and words to the image.


photodesign sketches

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): To begin this project I though about a poster that my daughter might like in her room. Her favorite color is purple, so I decided a complementary color scheme using purple would be a good way to go.

I photographed some flowers I have on my porch and tried to place flowers on the “thirds” grid lines.

Once I had the picture in Photoshop I cropped, and adjusted levels, vibrance, selective color and sharpening. Using InDesign I placed the image, added color blocks and text. Then I did a lot of moving elements to create alignment, asymmetrical balance, and hierarchy with my font choices.

Message: Gain hope from seeing beautiful nature around you.

Audience: My instructor and my daughter.

Critique Report: Instructor feedback suggested that I increase the size of my picture and maybe even have it bleed off the page. She also suggested that I work with the quote more so that the word HOPE didn’t look so lonely.

I also used the Facebook group and heard from Kathleen that it might be a good idea to layer my flower icon swatches. I really liked that idea because I felt like it unified them into one design element. Sister Kunz also suggested that maybe putting my quote attribution in italics would help it look better. I was concerned about the spacing around it.

I reviewed Karina’s second draft and thought maybe the picture should extend to all three edges to remove the very thin side borders.


Top Things Learned: to my typography and didn’t have to keep everything black and white.

Color scheme and color names: Complementary color scheme- Violet and Yellow

Title Font Name & Category: Klint- Sans Serif
Copy Font Name & Category: Elephant- Modern
Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:


Video Presentation:


2 thoughts on “Photodesign

  1. Your final project is beautiful! I love the way the flowers were aligned in you photo. The color scheme is excellent and I love the backgrounds you used around the photo; they make excellent frames for the photo. The quote inspired me too.

    I ended up shrinking my photo and also putting borders around my photo, but handled is slightly differently.

    Justin Scott did good bordering as well, and was also awesome framing of his photo:


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