Business Identity


business card2
Business card front
business card back
Business card back

1. Description: Create a letterhead and business card for a business.
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I did all my design work in Illustrator after hand sketching a few ideas. I liked the idea of incorporating the gem shape into an actual flower. I tried a shape logo with an analogous color scheme, a type logo with complementary colors and a monochromatic illustrated logo.

logo drafts 1
3. Critique Report: I asked my Facebook friends as well as in the class, and my first design was the least favorite. Many people liked the rose/gem shape in design number 3, but they liked the font and color from number 2. It was not too hard to combine those two ideas and make the best version.

Once I had that logo built and I created my letterhead and business card, I got the following feedback. Some of my leading was off and some font sizes looked a little different. I later realized I had accidentally used two different serif fonts. When I fixed that it was easy to get the right spacing everywhere. My instructor also suggested I remove the stem from my flower, eliminating a thin line in the design that can sometimes be difficult to scale.

Peer feedback from Sydney resulted in the back design getting the same purple gem and green line from the other parts of my stationery set.

I told her I liked the new sprinkle shape and thought that maybe the email and website should be switched so the edge of information didn’t seem so jagged.

3. Message: Show customers or potential customers the brand and give important contact information.
4. Audience: Instructor, anyone in the market for flowers
5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to make a giant watermark on a letterhead and how to watch for consistency between the letterhead and the business card. Anytime I can repeat something, I should. It strengthens branding.
6. Color scheme and color names: Complementary, Purple and Green
7. Title Font Name & Category: Euphoria Script / Script
8. Copy Font Name & Category: Garamond / Serif
9. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project: All designs are original 
10. Photoshop mock up of stationery:

Logo mockup


2 thoughts on “Business Identity

  1. I really like how your colors match so well throughout the project. I like the way you designed the back of your business card too. Also, I think the mock up does a lot to really show how good this all looks together.


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