Yellowstone Infographic

yellowstone 3-01-01

1. Description: Create an engaging infographic with relevant information, creative icons and a title that grabs a reader’s attention.
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):  I decided to study facts about Yellowstone National Park. I visited the park a few times with my family growing up. I did some research online first to pick out the facts I wanted to highlight in my infographic. Then I used Illustrator to design the icons, text, and entire poster. I used the pen tool a lot and learned how to use the graph generator. The FOCUS principles I used first were message, color scheme and alignment.

yellowstone resarch and sketches
3. Critique Report: From the instructor critique I knew I needed to work more on alignment and also contrast. Each of my elements were too much the same size so I tried to add in more variety. I also added grid lines to my infographic to visualize where to move things around.

Tim said he really liked the colors I chose and Natalie like my original solid more than the image.

In person, my husband suggested that the graph and the key be brought closer together. I agreed that better proximity would make it more clear what the pie chart was about.

3. Message: Show fun facts about Yellowstone and encourage audience to learn more, and even visit the park.

4. Audience: Instructor, anyone who likes national parks, the outdoors, and may visit the park some day.

5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to build a graph in Illustrator.

6. Color scheme and color names: Analagous: green, teal, gold
7. Title Font Name & Category: Showcard Gothic / Decorative
8. Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir/ Sans Serif
9. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:


10. Information sources





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