DESCRIPTION: Design and fill a portfolio with all my projects from this semester.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):  I took a picture of broken pink glass and lowered the opacity in Photoshop so it would be a subtle background for my cover and interior pages. To create visual hierarchy I had a bold sans serif for my headings and a regular sans serif for my body copy. My two sans serif fonts are actually different because the font I used for my body copy didn’t have a bold version. So I found a similar font to make bold and only use that for the headings. The titles of each page are in a script font.

I then placed the finished projects into each right hand page and made them full bleed whenever possible.  Description pages are modified from my individual blog posts for each project.

In place of making corrections on past projects, I designed a new montage with a blueberry pie recipe. I used Photoshop to layer, mask, clip, erase, apply texture and text in the poster. It took about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

CRITIQUE PROCESS: My instructor suggested that the cover page text be moved either all to the white space or all to the pink space. I chose the white. I also took her advice to create some kind of element that could be repeated somehow throughout the portfolio. That led to the addition of the pink slash mark. 

On Facebook, Natalie told me that the phone number looked too big. She was right. While the font size remained the same, the numbers in that size just take up more space than the letters, so I dropped the size just a bit to compensate.

MESSAGE: See how I have grown as a designer this semester.

AUDIENCE: Instructor, classmates, future employers.

TOP THING LEARNED: I learned that I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished during this class. It wasn’t easy, and I know I’m still developing my own style, but I have done some really nice work thanks to the encouragement of my peers and instructor. I also learned more about master pages while compiling my portfolio.

COLOR SCHEME & COLOR NAMES: Monochromatic /  Pink

TITLE FONT NAME & CATEGORY:  Beyond the Mountain / Script

COPY FONT NAME & CATEGORY: Geosans Light/ Sans serif


(these are the new photos for my extra project only)

blueberries blueberry pie gingham



12 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. This is darling! Did you create the background our did you find it? I love how you moved it on the pages to change the pattern up a little! Great job with this and all your work over the semester!


  2. Stephanie, Thank you for sharing your beautiful portfolio. That is so funny that you sewed your project to your skirt, I’ve done that kind of thing and it’s definitely a learning experience. You have a beautiful creativity. I love your final brochure, that must have taken a lot of time. Thank you so much for your comments and your help with this class. I hope we have more together in the future.



  3. Stephanie,

    Very cool job on your portfolio design, I love how you combined the top and bottom of each section, very creative. All of your designs this semester have had such a professional feel to them, you have done a great job. It has been a real pleasure to watch your progression. Good luck in the future and I hope I see you again.

    My Blog: https://taunikaydesigns.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/portfolio-project/comment-page-1/#comment-27



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