Project 1: How to Poster (Module 1)


Description: Design a How to Poster that teaches how to do a simple task using only pictures, and numbers if needed.

Programs Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Photography Sources: All original photos

Research Process: I collected 15 examples of how-to posters. I examined each for patterns in the layout and flow of the information. I also found 15 images with design elements that could be interesting if used in an instructional poster. Some of the posters have captions beneath them describing what I liked.


Steps: To make sure that I wasn’t skipping any steps in my instructions I took photos of every part of the process of making a card. I took pictures from a couple of different angles and used my hands in some and not in others.


Sketches: Using my research images and the photographs I staged myself, I began sketching possible poster ideas. I modeled the flow of some of the posters and added in specific elements I chose from my sample images.


Digital versions: I created two digital poster sketches based on my hand-drawn ideas. One incorporates + and = symbols and a circular pattern around the poster. The second uses bars and numbers to direct viewers eyes down the page.






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