Project 4: Schedule and Research

Here is the schedule that Group 2 has put together for weeks 9-14.


Here is a copy of the research table I filled out this week. I have 5 sources, including the website of the American Diabetes Association.

My 5 topics that will allow for data charts are

  1. The age ranges at which adults were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes
  2. The percentage that were first misdiagnosed with Type 2
  3. Number of new diabetes cases per year
  4. Diabetes cases by race
  5. Cost of diabetes per year

research table.jpg


Title: Type 1 Diabetes Information Design Exhibit

Based upon information gathered using IDEO’s Method Card research techniques, employing both secondary and primary research methods, I will create an information rich mini exhibit about Type 1 Diabetes. This display will include both quantitative and qualitative data and will show how combining design skills with compelling information can create an experience that can raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and the effects it can have on adults. My hope is to help people recognize the warning signs of diabetes, and consider the possibility that if they have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, they may in fact be Type 1.


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